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Through Toker Deals, you can create good opportunities to increase your sales by adding your products to the most advanced Directory and Price Comparison site dedicated to all smoking, dabbing, & vaping products!
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Read the information below on the different methods to add your products in bulk and see what best fits your needs. Get in contact with us on any questions you have and we will walk you through the process and once it’s set up we will handle the rest.

How to add your websites products to Toker Deals

Add your products
Ways to add your websites products in bulk
With a csv file (recommended)
Please read this PDF file for details. To add your listings to price comparison type products and/or individual products. To keep your product information up to date you will need to share a live link of your product datasheet or manually send us an updated CSV. Send us a CSV (Excel) File of your products inventory EXAMPLE FILE (Required Data is marked with: *)
This is the easiest and fastest way for us to get your products on Toker Deals. Our External Product Importer Works on 85% of eCommerce Websites. This method will NOT include your products in price comparison products and should only be used for in house brands or products that are unique to your site, not seen on Toker Deals. Prices and Availability are automatically updated.

Product data will usually contain the following data:
Title, Image, Price, Currency, Availability, Description, and others…

Simply Contact Us and send us the links. (easy as that) We will add your products as soon as 1-2 business days.
Live Product Data feed via affiliate network
If you are a part of ShareASale, Impact, or Awin affiliate programs and have a catalog/product feed available we are able to add your listings to our price comparison type products.
Add Products Manually
With a business account (Apply Here) you can add products manually with our easy to use form. You are able to add more rich content this way as well as adding product attributes/specs that work with our product filters. Best used to promote your most popular products.
If you are a brand and have a full catalog of your products with correct information and SKUs, Contact Us so we can assure your products are displayed accurately with the best content. Most online headshops use their own generated SKUs rather than your official SKUs. Price comparison sites rely on this info for consistency and making it easier to add more offers from other sites selling your products.

FAQ for retailers


Do I need to have an affiliate program to be on Toker Deals?

To promote the growth and exposure of our industry we will allow some sites especially independent artists & smaller brands to add a number of products to Toker Deals.

For all other retailers, yes. You should highly consider adding an affiliate program to your site. They are easy to set up, cost effective, and provide the best way to provide exposure to your site. Some of the biggest Online Headshops built their success through their affiliates.

Why would I add my products to Toker Deals if my competitors offer cheaper prices?

People that use our site often click on multiple offers driving traffic your way and they may discover other products not found on other sites. Consumers don’t just go for the cheapest price when making a purchase decision. They often want to bundle products such as ash catchers, attachments, and products not available on other sites. They take other factors into account such as shipping time, stealth packaging, reputation of your site (Top Google searches are often: “Is [insert headshop] legit?”), etc.

Popular products go out of stock fast and you may one of the few buying options available.

You run a sitewide sale and your product becomes the best price and appear in our Price Drops page showing consumers that they’re getting a great deal.

You get high quality backlink that increase your sites SEO exposure long term.

What kind of merchants do you NOT accept?

We do not accept products sold on marketplaces such as eBay, DHGate, Amazon (except if the merchant is the official brand and not a reseller.) We want to provide our consumers with quality products from quality online smoke and vape shops.

I’m a wholesaler and I want to list my catalog?

We are working on a wholesale function where your sensitive pricing info is only accessible to business accounts or pick which site users are able to see it.
Create an account now and we will keep you updated

Can I include a coupon code discount into the final price?

We’re working on it 🙂

How do I add coupon codes?

Click here to add and schedule coupon codes.

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